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Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance: Prospects for Use

With the help of artificial intelligence, ordinary video cameras are transformed into smart security devices that understand what is happening on the video. This is possible thanks to the detection of objects using computer vision technology.

Devices are connected by any video camera, remotely online and via the Internet. Intelligent subsystem independently finds a network camera and connects it to the program. The first video surveillance system that is available to the mass user.

In video surveillance using artificial intelligence, events are automatically recognized, information is sent to the youtube server, to mobile, other devices, to telegram. It is also possible to think in events to recognize objects on the air.

Surveillance, which uses artificial intelligence, has a lot of advantages. Many video surveillance systems are ineffective, because can only record video in the archive. And video surveillance with the participation of artificial intelligence is based on modern technologies based on neural networks that are trained on large amounts of information.

For example, a security guard is in front of the monitor, where there are many small pictures. He tries to see what is happening in the frame. The artificial intelligence program identifies and helps bring up exclusively necessary events from the entire incoming video stream to the video surveillance screen. Artificial intelligence saves disk space, hardware costs through intelligent processing. Videos are received on the mobile when any specific events occur. Therefore, you can see in real time where the villain or the troublemaker is.

You can use CCTV with artificial intelligence for different purposes. It is used in small business, for the "protection" of a house, yard, hall near the elevator, in a parking lot, in an apartment, for the protection of various objects, as an observation of animals, children, actions of a nanny or for monitoring cliners / housewives.

The problems that arise with video surveillance can be solved very simply. It is enough to choose cloud technologies and artificial intelligence. These technologies will make the video surveillance process simple and convenient.

The latest outdoor security cameras combine the convenient features of any smart home device with advanced camera technology so you'll always have an eye on your home. Our top picks for security cameras will send alerts to your phone when they detect motion, be able to record in HD quality even at night, and are designed to withstand any type of weather.

Today, there's a computer with artificial intelligence that can follow what is happening in your house or backyard. You can safely follow events through your own mobile phone or any other PC. Creating a home security system has never been easier. Get immediate notifications by telegram messenger and know what is happening on the ground. You can capture the movements of nefaqrious individuals. Keep an eye on your belongings simply by having a well placed wireless camera.
Home security camera helps to identify the target information by displaying only relevant events from the entire video stream. The application saves disc space and equipment costs, thanks to intelligent processing. Time-lapse (one frame per second) mode is available for storage. The complete video record will be played only upon the occurrence of one or other specific events. Computer keep an eye on your property to ensure that everything is OK.

Top Security Camera Features to Consider Before Buying

High-definition (HD) video quality
The higher the camera resolution, the sharper the images. Ideally, you'll want a 1080p or higher resolution for the best view. Keep in mind that if you connect your camera to a digital video recorder (DVR) to record your camera's footage, it will also need to be HD compatible to have crystal clear photos and videos.

Night vision
Clear night vision is one of the most important features for outdoor security cameras. To get the best and brightest night view, consider a camera with infrared (IR) technology to sending bright light through wavelengths. The number of infrared LEDs used in a camera determines how far your outdoor security camera will be able to clearly show what's outside your home. Look for surveillance cameras that have at least 100 feet or better of night vision. Many models also have a built-in IR cut-switch that automatically enables and disables the infrared technology depending on the lighting conditions.

Pan, tilt and zoom function
Cameras with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom functionality are ideal for providing coverage to larger areas and allow the user to get the best viewing angle possible without physically re-positioning the camera.

Mobile control
Many outdoor security cameras available today are able to live stream a feed directly to your mobile device. If you want to be able to check in during the day or while away for extended periods, this is a valuable feature to have. Be sure to choose a camera that is compatible with your device. Generally, remote access, mobile alerts or cloud-based features require monthly or yearly fees with your home security monitoring provider.

Cloud storage
Finding out what type of storage a security camera offers is very important. You'll want to look for cloud storage, meaning that your recordings will be saved online. Find out if there's a cap on cloud storage or if it's unlimited. You'll also want to know how long your recordings are stored online.

Activity notifications
Activity notifications alert the user whenever significant activity is detected near the camera. Find out if you can get notifications via push notifications, text messages, and or email. They'll keep you abreast of anything happening real-time near your camera.
See what your dogs and cats are up to while you're out and about. Even if you cannot monitor 24x7, you can see the mystery of "unexplainable" couch holes and missing cookies from the table.

Custom activity zones
Some security cameras allow you to set up custom activity zones, meaning that you choose the areas that are most significant for capturing movement. One of the biggest benefits of this feature is it prevents you from being notified of insignificant activity, like a car driving by or an insect flying by your camera.

Two-way audio
Two-way audio allows you to be able to hear and speak with visitors (those who are both welcome and unwelcome). You'll typically find this feature with video doorbells, but many indoor cameras have this feature as well. If an unwelcome visitor comes by, you can use two-way audio as a deterrence feature.
Add a webcam to a room to keep an eye on your children or relatives. Always in touch with what you treasure most. You can't be present for each precious moment. But with Home Security camer you can be sure to capture every memory.

Outdoor or Indoor Security Cameras
The type of security camera you choose will depend on the area(s) you're looking to protect. If you want to monitor your home's exterior, car, or even check in on a pet, an outdoor camera is best as most feature HD video and have weatherproof qualities. Some outdoor cameras that you'll find today also come with deterrence features that are designed to help ward off unwelcome guests, like an automated light and siren.

Broadcast publicly and promote your business by easily embedding IP camera footage to your website. Take your broadcast public or keep it private with the option to set up password protection. You can watch all webcams at once, by placing cameras in several locations, removing the need for a physical presence. A link to the camera will be automatically created so that you can share it to the world immediately.
If you want to monitor a room in your home, an indoor camera will provide you with the features you need. Most indoor cameras feature HD video, two-way communication, and night vision. With two-way communication, you can use an indoor camera to not only monitor for suspicious activity, but to also check-in on loved ones, like children or an elderly parent.
Share your cameras
Access all your web cameras either using your smartphone or computer anywhere there is internet access, no matter if you are on a vacation or at your home office, you always know what is happening, wherever your cameras are. You can share your camera with your friends, co-workers and family members